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Kodavas heading

Kodava Custom & TraditionKodavas are inhabitants of Kodagu, a major district in Karnataka. We are called Kodavas and not Kannadigas.

On an average Kodavas are fair and tall, unlike our Dravidian counterparts. The Kodavas are a distinctive race of India known for their bravery since ages. The Kodavas are the only community in the country who are exempted from arm licenses.Kodavas are fond of hockey, There is saying " Hockey in my Blood", Pork is one of the main dish of our community.

We Kodavas, a dominant group, are very distinct in their facial features, customs and attire compared with the other south Indians. No one really knows the origin of ours but everyone knows and acknowledges that we are different. We are known for our courage, hospitality and stoicism.

 All our festivals are associated with ancestors, nature, agriculture, and weapons.
We  do  not  follow  Hinduism  and  are Independent   of any other Hindu sect in customs relating to marriage,  remarriage, festivals, worship, ceremonies, dialect and also dress.

We  do not observe the dowry system. We do not have Brahmin priests in ceremonies like wedding. The elders of the community help in organising the ceremony.

Coffee has played an important role in the economy of our  community.  I  have  studied  through  the  manufacturing, processing, selling and  pricing  process of  coffee.  Some  of  my  works  are  :

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I have also done some study on Kodava origin --Origin of Kodavas

Apart there are lot of things to be discussed with subjects like " Are we Kodavas or Hindus" & " Are we from  Middle East".