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 It was my dream to be in software line ,but ended up in a different field altogether.  My belief “Its never too late to learn” has driven me  towards transforming my dream  into reality.  I have created this website using  Java script/HTML/PHP.

Also, my passion for travel has taken me to various places. Check out my TRAVEL  page for more details.

 I  am  a self trained photographer and have enjoyed  Photography as a hobby from childhood. I have detailed my experience and   experiments with photography under "PHOTOGRAPHY"

Kodava by birth.  You can check regarding Kodavas, Coffee and our Origin   etc.. under  KODAVAS  page

Recently  started   with  a  new  passion - Mixology. This one definitely  shall  be  useful and  handy  for  you guys  in  any  parties.  So  check  this  COCKTAILS   page  and bookmark it.

I also  enjoy good music, I used to play mandolin in my school days.

Do share your thoughts and  comments  Cheers…


Exploring the World

I have always had a  great passion for travelling.  This passion has taken me to many  of the  countries .. USA, Canada, UK, Most of Europe,  Australia, Japan, Peru, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong,  Maldives, Thailand,  Singapore & Malaysia. 

I enjoy doing  a bit of travel consultancy  free  of  cost  including advice on  Visa procedures,  Air Tickets, Hotel Booking, Travel Itinerary  etc  to  most   of  my  friends and  relatives. 

Click on the places visited to check  out  some of  my  trips. 



From my Childhood I have been fascinated by techniques of photography. During school and college days , I used a Yashica Rangefinder Camera. After That I used a Sony point & shoot Digital Camera.

 Upon purchase of DSLR,  which  had  a high price tag, very complex, heavy weight and big size,  I used to  shoot everything in auto mode,  thinking  that  the camera will do all  the  work for me. To be honest  I don’t even remember changing any camera settings, because I didn’t care. If a picture didn’t come out right, I used to blame the camera. Now that I know how to use a DSLR,  I realized  that it was me who didn’t know how to take pictures, not the camera.  It was my learning appetite which made to familiar  with ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Sunny 16 rule, Ev, 18% gray, Depth of field Calculation, Focal length, Metering,  Bulb mode, etc.. Today I prefer to  click in MANUAL mode. Thanks  to, one of the best site for beginers. 


Kodavas are inhabitants of Kodagu, a major district in Karnataka. We are called Kodavas and not Kannadigas.
On a average kodavas are fair and tall, unlike our Dravidian counterparts. The kodavas are a distinctive race of India known for their bravery since ages and are the only race in India that has been permitted to get hold of guns.  Kodavas are fond of hockey. Pork is one of the main dish of our community.

We Kodavas, a dominant group, are very distinct in their facial features, customs and attire compared with the other south Indians. No one really knows the origin of ours but everyone knows and acknowledges that we are different. We are known for our courage, hospitality and stoicism.

 All our festivals are associated with ancestors, nature, agriculture, and weapons.
We do not follow Hinduism and are independent of any other Hindu sect in customs relating to marriage,  remarriage, festivals, worship, ceremonies, dialect and also dress. We  do not observe the dowry system. We do not have brahmin priests in ceremonies like wedding. The elders of the community help in organising the ceremonies.

Coffee has played an important role in the economy of our  community.  I  have  studied  through  the  manufacturing, processing, selling and  pricing  process of  coffee.  Some  of  my  works  are  :

Link : Break Even Analysis

Link : Can we dictate the coffee prices

I  have  also  done  some  study  on Kodava origin,  It  really surprised   me   that  most  of  our  community  doesn’t want  to  know  our origin.

Link : Origin of Kodavas

Apart  there are  lot  of  things  to  be  discussed  with  subjects  like  “Are we   Kodavas  or  Hindus”  and  “Are  we  from Middle East”  which  is  taboo  in  our  community.

For more info on kodava culture, tradition, visiting  places  etc.. you can visit  these below  sites :


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